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Pola Park  |   Phone: 965 41 70 60  |   Avda. Zaragoza s/n - 03130 Santa Pola  |   E-mail: direccion@polapark.com
Useful advices
1. Check out our calendar.
Check out our calendar and schedules in www.polapark.com before you come to the park to make sure we are open to the public. You can check it clicking here.
2. Bracelet placement.
The placement of the bracelet has to be done always by the staff of the ticket offices, it cannot be placed by anyone else.
3. Use of the bracelet.
The bracelet is personal, non-transferable and valid only for one day. Any manipulation of the bracelet will lead to the cancellation of it.
4. Age, weight and height restrictions.
For security reasons, some rides have some age, weight and height restrictions. Check them here.
5. Right to close the park.
The park is reserved to close their installations for meteorological incidences or any other circumstancial cause foreign or own that keeps the appropiate use of them, and the user does not have right to any kind of compensation for the time is been deprived from the use of the installations.
6. Lunchtime.
The opening days that we open from 12:30 pm to 8 pm or 10 pm, the park will close some rides from 2 pm to 3:30pm for 30 minutes to lunch.
7. Damage due to improper use of the facilities.
The park is not responsible for the damage due to improper use of the facilities, without following the use rules of the rides.
8. Keep your purchase ticket.
Keep your purchase ticket during your visit to the park for any claims.
9. Information and customer support.
We have a office for information and customer support in the entrance of the park.