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Inaugurado en diciembre de 1996, Pola Park es un parque de atracciones situado en la localidad de Santa Pola, en Alicante. Con 30 atracciones para disfrutar en familia, Pola Park ofrece un día de diversión sin límites. Un recinto de 24000m2, que cuenta también con una gran variedad de servicios de hostelería, como bocatería, hamburguesería, perritos calientes y pizzas. Paseos ajardinados, mucha iluminación y colores será el ambiente que te rodee durante tu aventura en Pola Park.

No lo dudes, la diversión es Pola Park.
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  • Extreme Extreme

    Our new big star! A pendulum swinging and spinning and taking height and speed, once you try it you will want to repeat!

  • Sillas Voladoras Flying Chairs

    Novelty 2018! Come and try our new attraction, you will feel like your are flying!

  • Montaña Rusa Roller Coaster

    If you like the strong emotions, don't miss a classic in our park. Get on our roller coaster and enjoy a magnificent travel, with great views: Salinas of Santa Pola.

  • Tobogán Slide

    Unrepeatable, giant, full of color and super fun! Feel the freedom! You can't miss it!

  • Barco Pirata Pirate Ship

    We are looking for pirates to man the most legendary ship in the Caribbean. We need volunteers without fear to heights, that know how to navigate and have a lot of desire for adventure.

  • Karts Karts

    Our circuit is waiting for you! We want to see how you become a great F1 driver, but without risks.

  • Barcas de Choque Crash Boats

    Refreshing and fantastic. To be honest, our lake is really special... We have a boat for you! You can not imagine how much you will laugh!

  • Coches de Choque Crash Cars

    It can be missed, the classic crash cars. You will repeat!

    Hinchables Inflatables

    Bounce and bounce, non stop! The inflatables, where you can make your imagination fly and transform in a superheroe. No one will be able to stop you!

  • Quads Quads

    The adventure sensation is served! A closed circuit, safe and special so you can try a hobby that everytime has more followers!

  • Gusano Express Worm Express

    What do you think about traveling in a multi colored worm, going up and down, and laughing non stop?

  • Camas Elásticas Elastic Beds

    Dance, jump, make a thousand pirouettes and bounce until you almost reach the sky! If you want to prove your energy try our elastic beds.

  • Coches de paseo Ride Cars

    For drivers who likes to show off their cars. Brilliant, luxurious, simply spectacular.

  • Rodeo Rodeo

    Living in the far west is at your fingerprints... in our park we have a rodeo and is waiting for you. Teach us how to ride a horse!

  • Mini-Choc Mini-Crash

    For the ones starting to know the wonderful world of crash-cars. A classic for the little ones.

  • Casa de la risa Funhouse

    For the ones who needs a extra dose of laught. Could you overcome it?

    Pasaje Maldito Damn Passage

    A like to feel fear! Terrifying and fantastic. Only for braves!

  • Mini-Golf Mini-Golf

    Set as a tropical garden... Simply great. Immerse in the golf master of Pola Park, and discover that you can be a champion with a lot of swing.

  • Tren Aéreo Air Train

    To see our fantasy world from above. Here we have a air train. Para ver nuestro mundo de fantasía desde arriba. Aquí tenemos un tren que va por los aires. Passengers to the train!

  • Coches y motos de batería Battery cars and motorcycles

    When someone is so young, better to drive without risks! The best way to ride if you are little.

  • Noria Ferris wheel

    How something so funny like a ferris wheel would not have a mini version? So no one can miss the experience even being little.

  • Tambores Drums

    Once upon a time there was a giant clown leading a drums band with his umbrella, and the drums keep going up and down. Do you want to meet him?

  • Carrousel Carousel

    If you have dreamed about riding in Cinderella's float, a magic cup, or a fantasy horse... this is your place. We could not miss our carousel.

  • Jumping Jumping

    Only for the most adventurous! Put on the harness and the elastic suspenders and you will be able to fly! One sensation you won't forget!

  • Aerolandia Aerolandia

    The word says it all: the air land. Welcome aboard, the most amazing and funny ships you can ride next to Donald Duck. Sounds good, right?

  • Seta Mushroom

    You will know what feels a fairytail protagonist, because you will be one. Live the experience of our magic mushroom! You will want to live inside!

    Pista Americana Obstacle course

    Thousands of colors, laughs, lollipops and thousands of adventures. Nets, balls, jumping mats, slides... What more can you ask? The best obstacle course in miles around.

  • Caída Libre Freefall

    Hold your breath. If you are looking for some vertigo, emotion, entertainment and nice views... Do not hesitate! Live the risk!

  • Lago de Barcas Lake of boats

    Are you younger? We have a lake of boats for you. A boat that you will drive so you can refresh yourself on the hottest days.