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Do you have any doubts? Send us a whatsapp message! We will answer you as soon as possible!Available from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:00. Friday from 08:00 to 15:00. Saturdays, Sundays and opening days from 08:00 to closing of the park.
  • Escape spell, failed?

    From the old Salem come the funniest and most terrifying sisters, an escape spell has brought them here, but it was not what they expected… Be careful with their spells!

     Saturdays: 12:30 | 18:30

     Sundays: 16:15

  • Dead talents!

    As every year the dead prepare their visit to relatives for the day of the dead. But before that, the charismatic host of “Dead Talent Show” will make them participate in something they did not expect, yes, 100% Mexican ¡Viva México!

     Saturdays: 13:45 | 19:45

     Sundays: 17:30

  • The Cursed Show

    A curse makes a very peculiar troupe repeat their show since a strange and dark night more than 400 days ago without rest. Exhausted, listless and reaching their limits, they will try to solve their misfortune. Will they succeed?

     Saturdays: 15:00 | 21:00

     Sundays: 18:45

  • Danger: Spirit portal opened!

    This strange and chaotic marriage will show their world, where nothing is what it seems and everything is as you see it. Love and hate, life and death… The perfect balance is in the mixture of opposites. Find out with these voodoo loas!

     Saturdays: 16:45 | 22:30

     Sundays: 20:30

  • Happy Birthday Popi!

    Sshhh… Everything is ready to give Popi a surprise. Our friend is already 25 years old! Will you join the party? Celebrate his anniversary with him and his crazy gang. Everything will be filled with color, joy and fireworks in this fantastic party. Join us!

  • Play and Dance!

    Activate your body and shake your skeleton with Popi and her friends. You will spend a time full of fun and exercise with the best selection of the DJ to the sound of the greatest hits of all time. Fun and physical activity is guaranteed. Don’t let the rhythm stop!

  • Let's save the planet!

    Meet Fausti, our new seagull friend. He comes with a very important message, he will make us aware of the environmental impact that is in our hands. The care of the sea, the animals and the planet depends on us… he will provide you with ideas that you can easily implement in your daily life!