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Portada Rules and Recommendations
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– The entrance of Pola Park has to be purchased on the authorised sell points of the park. The information of the different types of entrance and season pass, rates, promotions and conditions are abailable on our website (www.polapark.com), also in the ticket offices of the park and the rest of authorised sell points.

– The entrance of Pola Park gives right to enjoy the attractions and shows as many times as wish the visitant, following all the time the internal rules of the park.

– Pola Park reserves the right of admission and expulsion of the installations according to the corresponding laws and regulations.

– For hygiene and security reasons, is not alloud to enter in the park with food or drinks, is forbidden to eat and drink during the use of the installations and also in the places where is indicated that restriction. Also, you cannot enter in the park or the attractions, shows or restaurants in swimsuit, bikini or with the torso uncovered.

– To guarantee the security and right coexistence inside the park, the staff authorised of Pola Park can inspect bags, backpacks and all kind of baggage in the cases and terms established in the Law.

– For security reasons is forbidden the access to the park with skates, scooters, tricycles or bicycles.

– According to the law, is forbidden to smoke in the entire enclosure, even being outdoors.

– The promotions and discounts applied in Pola Park are not accumulable and only can be used on the current season, unless on the conditions is specified otherwise.

– For the security of all the visitors, the use of the attractions is subjected to some age, physical and psychic conditions restrictions. If the visitor cannot enjoy some of the attractions because of one of those restrictions does not have right to the refund of the ticket.

– The person who does not want to ride in the attraction cannot queue.

– Is not allowed the use of cameras or any “selfie sticks” in the attractions.

– Pola Park will not be responsible of the damage or subtraction of objects inside of the cars parked on the parkings of the park, being the owner responsible of taking off the non fixed and removable objects of the cars, the same with the rest objects of the car.

– Pola Park reserves the right to make modifications in the opening calendar and schedules, also of suspending the performance of the attractions when is justified by exceptionals circumstances, like security, climatological, technical and operative reasons. In those cases, the visitors will not get a refund. Also the visitors can get information of those exceptional situations in the customer support service.

– The totality of the rules and recommendations are published in the official website of Pola Park (www.polapark.com) and are exposed in the installations of the park, also in the office of customer support. Is mandatory to pay attention to the instructions of our staff and follow the exposed rules. The fulfillment of the rules will make your visit more pleasurable. Pola Park can modify them always to garantee to our visitors a better use and enjoyment of the attractions, shows and installations of the park.

ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT… The closing schedule of the attractions may vary. To seize better your time, we recommend you to planify your dinner time, having in mind the maximum influx of public on the restaurants of the park (between 9:30 pm and 11 pm).