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Popi Express
Popi Express

Get your Popi Express and reduce waiting times!

Save waiting times

Fast pass to attractions

Better seats in shows

With the Popi Express wristband you will access the park’s attractions faster, saving waiting times. In addition, you can enjoy the best seats in our shows.

If you get your Popi Express, you will enjoy an identification bracelet throughout the day that will allow you to enter the park’s attractions through special accesses. Thus, you can save waiting time. Do you dare to try your favorite attractions as many times as you want?

Popi Express Rates





Popi Express is personal and non-transferable, and you must wear it correctly placed on the wrist, not allowing access to people who fail to comply with this condition. Any manipulation of the bracelet will mean its withdrawal. The park is not responsible for the loss of the bracelet.

Popi Express are only valid for the day of purchase. The normal queue will alternate with that of Popi Express, whose sale is limited, thus guaranteeing the quality of the service. Popi Express is subject to park operating rules and attraction use restrictions. For reasons of capacity, and to ensure good service, the following attraction does not have the Popi Express service: Jumping.