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Frequently Asked Questions
Portada Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
From what age do children pay?

Children under the age of two years can ride the attractions for free with the purchase of an adult wristband. They will have six attractions for themselves and one more with the adult. In case they do not have an adult bracelet, they can ride with 3€ tickets.

How much does the entrance to the park cost?

Basic entrance ticket to the park costs 5€, in case you are not going to ride any attraction.

If you want to ride, you can buy a season pass, valid for every opening day, a bracelet to ride as many times as you want valid for one day, a family pack, in case you are several people the price is quite small, and/or a 3€ ticket per ride/attraction.

You can check our rates at this link.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy your tickets at the ticket offices during opening hours or, if you have a special online promotion, you can buy on our website. We only have telephone sales when we have online sales for special promotions, otherwise we do not have telephone sales or other sales channels.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the ticket offices or at any of our establishments inside the park, you can pay in cash or by credit/debit card with no established minimum amount.

Can tickets and/or bracelets be purchased at the attractions?

Tickets and/or bracelets can only be purchased at the park ticket offices, purchases cannot be made at the attractions.

Placement and use of the bracelet

The park bracelet allows unlimited access to all the attractions. The bracelet will always be placed by the ticket office staff, it cannot be placed by anyone else. The bracelet is valid for one day only. Valid for one person, not transferable. Once broken, the bracelet will lose its validity. Any manipulation of the bracelet by the user that is intercepted by park employees will result in the cancellation of the bracelet.

Keep your purchase receipt

Keep the purchase receipt during your stay in the park for any claim.

In case of rain, do I get my money back?

In case of bad weather, the park is not responsible and the amount will not be refunded nor will it be exchanged for another day.

Book or buy tickets in advance

Normally, no type of reservation or advance purchase of tickets is accepted, except on special occasions such as events held during the season, in which case it will be notified in the same promotional images of said event and will be made known through our social networks.

Calendar and schedules
Where can I check the calendar and schedules of the park?

If you want to come to Pola Park, we recommend you take a look at our calendar and our schedules at this link.

We remind you that the calendar and timetables are always fully updated. In the event that we make any changes, we will notify you on the web, social networks and on the calendar page itself.

Remember that the calendar and schedules of Pola Park are subject to possible modifications.

Crazy days and/or special periods

Once we make our calendar public, there may be a special period in it for Halloween, or Christmas, depending on various factors. These periods or crazy days are announced both on the web and on social networks.


The Halloween period of the 2022 season is not set at this time.

If you want to check the calendar and opening hours, you can do it through this link.

Christmas, New Year's Eve and/or Three Kings' Day

This 2022 season, Pola Park will remain open until November 6th, 2022.

If you want to check the calendar and opening hours, you can do it through this link.

Use of facilities
Can I bring my dog to the park?

Yes, you can bring your dog to the park. As long as he’s small and on a leash.

Can I use my camera, mobile and/or selfie stick in the park?

The use of a camera, mobile phone and/or selfie stick is allowed in the facilities, but its use is strictly prohibited in the attractions.

How old should the companion be?

For safety reasons, there are some attractions in which children of certain ages cannot ride alone, this is indicated on our map, in the list of attractions on the website and on the attraction posters themselves. It is indicated by height if the child must be accompanied or not.

This means that an adult (over 18 years of age) must accompany the child if he wishes to ride said attraction, a child over that age is not allowed as a companion, he must be an adult.

Can you enter the park with roller skates, scooters, tricycles or bicycles?

For security reasons, rollerblades, scooters, tricycles and/or bicycles are not allowed to enter the park.

Can food and drinks be brought into the park?

For reasons of hygiene and safety, entry to Pola Park carrying food or drink is not allowed, it is prohibited to eat or drink while using the facilities as well as in the areas of the enclosure where said restriction is expressly indicated.

Within the enclosure there are several restaurants, you can check them on this link.

Can you enter without a shirt, in a swimsuit and/or in a bikini?

For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to enter the park with bare torso, swimsuit or bikini.

Can you smoke in the park?

Smoking is prohibited in the entire Pola Park area, as it is considered a children’s playground. According to Law 42/2010, of December 30, which modifies Law 28/2005 (B.O.E. of December 31).

Can you leave and re-enter the park?

You can go out and come back as many times as you want during the day, but you must not take off your bracelet, if you take it off you will not be able to enter to the park again.

Age, weight and height restrictions

For security reasons, some attractions have some age, weight and height restrictions. Check them here.

Birthdays, Groups and Communions
Can birthday reservations be made at Pola Park?

Birthday reservations cannot currently be made at Pola Park. If you wish, you can make a group reservation with children’s and/or adult menus.

Do you have a medicine cabinet? / Accidents in the park

In the event that a child or adult suffers a minor blow, or a slightly serious scratch or burn, please go to the lockers and they will take care of treating said injuries with the first-aid kit that we have in the park. For more serious accidents, those responsible for the park will take them to the Santa Pola outpatient clinic or the nearest hospital, before or after they must fill out an accident report at the lockers.

Is there Parking? How much does it cost?

Pola Park has two of its own car parks, one on each side of the park, totally free.

WiFi connection

We have Wi-Fi connection throughout the park. You will find the access data in the information brochure inside the park or you can request it from any of our workers.

Right to close attractions and/or facilities

The park reserves the right to close its attractions and/or facilities due to meteorological incidents, maintenance or any circumstantial cause of its own or others that prevents their proper use, without the user being entitled to any compensation for the time in which they are see deprived of the use of the facilities.

I have lost the season pass, what do I do?

If you have lost your season ticket, you must go to the box office and if they don’t have it, you can make a duplicate for only 7€.

Lost personal items

If you have lost any personal object in our facilities, you must go to the lockers to indicate it and if they do not have it, you can leave your personal data and we will call you in case we find it.

Ticket discounts

The discounts we have for the tickets are the following, they only apply in the categories of bracelets and season tickets. They do not apply to special promotions or offers:

– 10% for large families, presenting the card and ID of the beneficiaries at the box office. In the case of the season voucher, only applicable to the minimum purchase of 2 season vouchers.

– 10% for the unemployed, presenting the card and the DNI of the beneficiaries at the box office. Only applicable to the parents of the voucher holder.

– 50% for the disabled, proving a minimum of 33% disability and the ID of the beneficiary at the park ticket office.

Validity of promotions and/or discounts

Normally in all our promotions and/or discounts, we indicate somewhere the specific date until which the promotion is valid. In case it is not indicated, the promotion is valid only for the current season.